Multifloral Hybrids


Updated: January 11, 2005

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FS = Flowering Size, NFS = Near Flowering Size, Sdlng = Seedling


Dollgoldi (rothschildianum x armeniacum)
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 20.00


Gloria Nagle (micranthum x rothschildianum)
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 20.00


Harold Hoopowitz (malipoense X rothschildianum)
Huge flowers with dramatic presentation. Wonderful gold-green colors with richly colored markings.
2 1/4" pot  Sdlng 25.00


Michael Koopowitz (philippinense x sanderianum)
2 1/4" pot  Sdlng 15.00


Michael Koopowitz x sanderianum
A double dose of sanderianum.  Long petals, 3-4 flowers with strong markings.
2 1/4" pot  Sdlng 15.00


Prime Child 'Hampshire' HCC/AOS x sanderianum 'Flamingo Dance'
This new hybrid should have it all.  Ease of growth and flowering and long petals with 3-4 flowers per stem.
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 30.00


St. Swithin (philippinense X rothschildianum)
An oldie but goodie. Originally made in 1901 is still a must have. This grand old hybrid creates an impression of grace and elegance with dramatic presentation. Golden colors with dark mahogany and burgundy striping.
4" pot  FS 40.00


Sander's Pride (stonei 'Noyo' X sanderianum)
's Pride is turning out to be an exceptional cross. Dark stripes and petals, easy to bloom.  The larger sized plants are in limited supply.  These should flower in 1 -2 years.
2 1/4" pot Lrg Sdlng 25.00
4" pot NFS  (14" - 16" LS) 55.00
4" pot NFS  (20" LS) 75.00