Other Genera
(Not Paphs)


Updated: January 11, 2005

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Bulbophyllum ambrossa
Mounted FS 20.00

Bulbophyllum Cornu-Cervi
Mounted flowering size - $20.00

Bulbophyllum fascinator
Modest sized plant with large (6"-7") flowers.  The flowers are indescribable, look at the pictures.  This species of Bulbophyllum comes from Viet Nam & Laos.  I grow these under intermediate temperature conditions and moderately bright light.  They seem to be easy to grow and flower.
Mounted plants,  Blooming size (many have already flowered) - $20.00  

Bulbophyllum dixoni
Mounted flowering size - $15.00

Bulbophyllu gracillimum
Mounted flowering size - $20.00

Bulbophyllum lasiochilum
Mounted FS 20.00

Bulbophyllum macranthum
Vigorous plants that flower in the summer.  Grown in intermediate temps.
Mounted flowering size plants - $25.00

Encyclia cochleata
Widely distributed from the West Indies & Mexico to Columbia.  Commonly known as the Cockleshell Orchid or The Black Orchid (due to the very dark lip).  It is the national flower of Belize. Blooms throughout most of the year with the heaviest bloom in the late summer thru winter.  Grows under a variety of conditions, but seems to do best under average Cattleya conditions.
5" pot, flowering size - $20.00

Epidendrum porpax
Miniature species that will can quickly grow into a mounted specimen.  Found from Mexico to Peru.  Grow this species under intermediate conditions and Phalaenopsis like light.  Numerous 3/4"-1" size flowers.  For me these bloom at least twice a year and the flowers last very well.
Mounted,  Flowering size - $15.00

Laelia purpurata var. Carnea
One of my favorites.  White petals with salmon (red/pink) lip and slightly fragrant.  Easy to grow under varied conditions.  The plants available are big vigorous plants some with multiple growths.  Normally these plants are summer bloomers.
5" pots, flowering size - $45.00

Maxillaria variabilis
A species of Maxillaria found from Mexico to Panama.  Intermediate temperature conditions with moderately bright light
3 1/4" pot, flowering size - $20.00

Oncidium pulchellum 'Pinky'
One of the equitant oncidiums.  Intermediate to warm growing, these are vigorous growers and prolific flowering.  Summer blooming
Mounted, Flowering size multiple growths - $15.00

Oncidium variegatum
Another of the equitant oncidiums.  Intermediate to warm growing.  Vigorous growing, quickly makes a specimen size plant.  Spring blooming
Mounted, Flowering size, multiple growths - $15.00

Phaius tankervilliae 'alba'
Vigorous grower and easy to flower.  These flower for me in January, February, and March.  The plants have lush foliage and are very attractive even when not in bloom.
5" & 6" pots, blooming size plants - $25.00

Pleurothallis sanderianum
Small Pleurothallis, good grower that thrives in coolish-intermediate temperatures.  Spray of orange flowers at various times through out the year.
Mounted, Flowering size - $20.00

Spathoglottis plicata
Very attractive pink 1" flowers.  Seems to flower throughout the year.  thrives under intermediate to warm conditions.
3 1/4" pot, flowering size - $15.00